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The National Warranty Services Advantage

National Warranty Services Inc  is a leader in the auto warranty industry. National Warranty Services Inc offers consumers the best choice in auto warranty policies. Instead of offering one or two choices, National Warranty Services Inc represents 6 warranty companies and will provide you with options when it comes to a warranty to protect your car.  The founders of US Direct wanted to give the public what it wasn’t getting anywhere else: Choices.

And not just some options... a lot of different choices. The average car repair can be over $1,000 so having more options when it comes to auto warranty protection is better for the consumer. For our customers, we don’t believe in one size fits all. Instead, we believe you deserve a protection plan that matches as closely as possible to your exact needs and wants.

Management of National Warranty Services Inc realize that service contract companies not associated with dealerships limited customers to only one plan, usually of poor quality, but with a high price. If customers didn’t go that route, they would return to the dealership and pay a premium for a plan that helped dealers make up for the often low profits on new cars. Why not bring together service contract companies with the best reputations, that have been around the longest, and offer them to consumers at the lowest possible prices? By doing so, a wide variety of customers could be served, and the company would stay in business not by generating high profits, but by achieving high volume. Service contract companies across America now use that business model. We invented it.

Talk to us to see what a different experience you get with the best-trained, best educated Service Contract Consultants in the business. We understand that vehicle service contracts are about protecting your second most expensive purchase next to your home, and that it’s about security. We changed the industry so that you can have a choice, all we ask is that you give us a chance.

Why Choose National Warranty Services Inc and it`s Affiliates ?

It's Simple... You won't find a better auto warranty solution anywhere. We have worked with over 10,000 consumers nationwide and have protected thousands of cars to date. Because we are extended vehicle warranty brokers we are able to continuously monitor the administrators we offer policies for. We have researched to find the Top policies in the industry. That means Best Coverage for the customer at the Lowest Price, and most important- the Claims Get Paid!

Payment can be made by any popular credit card including American Express, MasterCard, Visa and Discover. Ask about our Easy Payment Plan and you will never have to pay out of your pocket for repairs.