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Aftermarket Car Warranty

If you own a new car chances are your car has a warranty. In fact, many used cars that are purchased from a dealership even come with a warranty nowadays. Simply put, a car warranty is a legally binding document that states if certain issues arise with your car then the dealership is required to fix these issues at no cost to you, the owner. A warranty can cover be valid for a variety of time frames and can cover a variety of different issues and if you own a car, a warranty can save you tons of money on expensive car repairs. If you want to learn about all the different types of car warranties, the following information will enable you to choose the right car warranty for you.

1. Manufacturer's Warranty. A manufacturer's warranty, also known as a basic warranty, is the type of warranty that is given by the manufacturer of the car you buy. These types of warranties cover the basic components of a car that tend to break down due to normal wear and tear and they are usually only valid for a year or two after you purchase a car. A Manufacturer's warranty does cover many possible car part issues, but it does not cover tires or battery replacement.

2. Dealership Warranty. Although many people often confuse a manufacturer's warranty with a dealership warranty, these two types of warranties are different in that the latter is provided by the dealership where you buy your car. A dealership warranty generally covers the same types of issues that a manufacturer's warranty covers, but you are usually limited in choice of repair shops and will typically have to get your car fixed at a specific dealership.

3. Extended Warranty. An aftermarket car warranty is the type of warranty that can be bought after the manufacturer's warranty has expired. Most manufacturers offer an extended warranty, but not all do so it's important to see if your car's manufacturer offers this type of warranty. In order to not have a lapse in warranty coverage, you should aim to purchase an extended warranty before your original warranty expires. Extended warranties do provide decent coverage for your car, but some do not include as much coverage as a manufacturer's warranty.

4. Rust and Corrosion Warranty. A rust and corrosion warranty will safeguard your car in the event that it begins to rust or corrode. Usually the rust issue has to be pretty bad for a rust and corrosion warranty to cover the damage, but it is something to think about having if you are concerned about your car rusting or corroding.

5. Emissions Warranty. Although many basic auto warranties cover costs that can accrue from repairs that come as a result of failing an emission test, not all do so if yours does not cover this issue, you may want to consider buying an emissions warranty.

6. Powertrain Warranty. A powertrain warranty covers car parts like the transmission, clutch and axle and drive shafts which can be very expensive issues to fix if something goes wrong. Although a powertrain warranty covers expensive issues like these, it does not cover a new engine if an engine problem occurs.

These are the 6 most common type of car warranties. Based on the type of car warranty you desire and the expense you are willing to spend to pay for these warranties will be contributing factors in the final decision on choosing the right warranty for your car. Always remember, though, that most car issues can be quite expensive to fix when you're paying out of pocket so sometimes it can be a wise decision to purchase a car warranty.

Extended Warranty on Used Cars

Auto bills can put a serious dent in your income flow. Expensive repairs can leave you struggling to pay other bills, and you can’t simply ignore the problem. You need your car to get to work, so you may wind up feeling like you are at the mercy of the auto mechanics. Fortunately, you can protect yourself from these unexpected bills by choosing to invest in a great car warranty. Extend the protection on your brand new car by purchasing an extended auto warranty. You can also buy a warranty for a used car you are purchasing, or even an older car you already own. Providing peace of mind, a warranty for your car will allow you to drive in complete confidence without any worries about repair bills.

A standard car warranty is typically for three years or 36 months, whichever comes first. It covers everything from damaged vents or seat belts to the engine and transmission. Most dealers offer extended auto warranties and will finance the cost into the price of the vehicle. Your monthly payment will jump anywhere from twenty to forty dollars a month, but you will be able to eliminate those high auto bills. If you like to buy a car and keep it for more than three years, an extended warranty is absolutely necessary. The longer you tend to keep your cars, the more valuable the warranty will become.

You don’t have to purchase the extended auto warranty from the dealer. If you have the means to pay for it separately, you can easily purchase one through the Internet. Find a reputable company by reading the online reviews. Think about the amenities that are in your vehicle and choose a warranty that will cover those little extras. For example, if you have power, heated leather seats then you may want to invest in a warranty that will cover seat heaters and the power adjustments. If you have a regular mechanic you use, ask for recommendations.

It’s the Little Things
Even small repairs will start to add up quickly. Windshield wipers are computerized now, and it can cost more than three hundred dollars to fix them if they go haywire. A water pump replacement in a Honda Accord will cost more than eight hundred dollars at most dealerships. A new power steering pump can easily cost more than four hundred. You can’t neglect these repairs and expect your car to continue running. However, investing in an extended warranty will allow you to get those repairs done with minimal expense. A great warranty from a reputable company will also cover the little luxuries of your car that you could live without, but you really love having. Things like your seat warmers, heated mirrors, electronics, power seat adjustors and other gadgets may be covered under your new warranty, allowing you to keep your car in like-new condition longer.

Don’t Be Fooled
Some manufacturers now offer extended warranties with their vehicles. Chevy is proud to offer a standard 100,000 mile/ five-year warranty on their cars. This warranty looks great at first glance. It includes roadside assistance and courtesy transportation. However, this warranty clearly states that it’s only on the powertrain, specifically the engine, transfer case and transmission. The fact is that these parts are truly built to last. It’s not uncommon for engines to see 200,000 miles before they start having problems, and most transmissions will easily exceed 100,000 miles before problems appear. The fact is that you are far more likely to require warranty work on your air conditioner, electrical system, wiper motor, power steering pump or various belts. Of course, these items aren’t covered under the extended factory warranty, leaving you struggling to pay a substantial bill.

Peace of Mind
People often look at the offer for an extended warranty on used cars as a complete waste of money if it’s never used. However, what you are really buying is peace of mind. It’s one of those purchases that you actually hope you never have to use. As the miles roll by and the odometer starts reading higher numbers, you won’t have to worry about paying for big repairs. You will know that you can afford to get the car fixed and back on the road whether the repairs are small or large. When you hear that little pinging in the engine, you won’t have to keep driving and hope it’s nothing. You will be able to take it in to the mechanic and have it fixed under your extended warranty.

Older Cars
Extended warranties are even available on older cars. Whether you are buying a used car or just want extra protection for one you already have, you can purchase an aftermarket warranty for it. The prices will go up as the car ages, so you will want to make this investment as soon as possible. Once the car reaches a certain age and mileage level the extended plans will no longer be available.

Whether you are shopping for a brand new beauty to grace the driveway or an older car with a great low payment, consider investing in a warranty. It will allow you to get the little things fixed so you can keep your car in great condition. Big repairs won’t be a problem and even small repairs won’t have to leave you struggling. It’s peace of mind and it’s absolutely priceless.

Tips from US Direct Protect For Your Extended Auto Warranty

An automobile may well be one of the most important investments that you will ever make. It is the car that so often gets you to work in order to pay for the other investments you enjoy, like the house and the recreational toys and the timeshares. It is the thing that gets you to all of teh places you enjoy, and takes the people you enjoy along with you. The car is what helps to get the all of the work, and most of the play, done, so it needs to be taken care of as well as possible. Here then, for the wise auto enthusiast, are some tips for keeping your car on the road and you in the driver's seat.

For starters, heed that term keeping it on the road. Driving safely and defensively will go a long ways toward keeping an auto in tip-top condition. Aggressive drivers will certainly get into more mishaps and mistakes, and those types of situations can get quite costly. If they are minor ones, the car will suffer cosmetic damage. If they are major ones the damage may be mechanical as well. Of course, if they are severe enough you could lose your life, and then you will not be driving ever again.

Not to sound like an alarmist, but safe drivers stay alive a lot longer than unsafe ones. Perhaps the best bit of maintanence advice is to maintain your own life, as well as the life of the other drivers around you. Once you have decided on driving in a safe and sane fashion, then you can begin considering the more mundane maintenance tasks that every auto requires. The first and foremost is to keep all of the motor fluids at optimal levels. This includes oil, water, and transmission fluids. Speaking of oil, this item needs special attention.

Oil is the lifeblood of an automobile, so you not only need to keep the amount at the proper level, you need to get an oil change it as often as the warranty suggests. Speaking of the extended auto warranty, it would be wise to consider getting an extended warranty at that. But the oil needs to be fresh and clean in order for the car to run at its very best.

The tires must be tended to as well. They need to be replaced when the tread becomes worn or when any sort of damage is done to them. The tires are what the whole machine runs on, so get the best you can afford and keep them properly inflated at all times. Here, too, and extended warranty may be a good idea.

Not surprisingly, a simple maintenance tip is to keep the car clean. When you are driving a clean car you will have the tendency to drive safer, and to remember the regular check up tasks as well. Clean cars have proud owners, and proud owners tend to their vehicle’s needs. Well maintained cars have a longer life span, and this is another reason to opt for an auto warranty; your car is going to last a long time.

Keeping your car on the road really comes down to doing the simple and basic maintenance duties. Drive safely and keep your mind on the road. Keep the car clean and neat so that you will have the desire to maintain its care. Get an oil change every time it is recommended, and be sure to keep all of the operating fluids filled up to the recommended levels. These simple steps will serve you and your automobile honorably for many year of automotive enjoyment.

Keeping Your Car On The Road|Auto Warranty 411

Almost all automobile owners have experienced the roadside breakdown or failure. So the question is: from where you can get it fixed? Simple solution that comes in mind is to take it to the mechanic or an automobile dealer from where you have acquired the car on warranty. Car Warranty ensures that the biggest investment remains secure and it is a cost effective way to fix the unwanted problems. It also ensures the customer’s money is save by meeting the unexpected repairing expenses and guarantee that the car will perform at its full ability.

The warranty offered on a new car like Acura, BMW, Mercedes, Lincoln, Volvo, Saab, Jaguar and Lexus are of four years and 50,000 mile. Hyundai and Kia offer five year and 60,000 miles warranties. While DaimlerChrysler offer seven years and 70,000 miles warranty. But usually one can avail the benefits by the time Auto Warranty remain active, after the completion of warranty period what to do next? Extended car warranties can be the solution. But you must be viable enough to distinguish among the warranty providers. There are usually two types of extended Auto Warranty provider. One is the car’s manufacturer and other is the independent companies. You must keep in mind that the independent companies are always in search of the persons who have bought new car. They offer them with numerous extended warranties through phone calls and emails. They can get your name and contact information easily from the buyer’s lists that is maintained by the auto dealers. As the time of expiration comes near, they feel as their responsibility to educate you about offered extended warranties. They use different marketing tactics to sale you their warranties and meeting their targets. But fact is that they are just performing their telemarketing duty and not facilitating you with any repair and services. They charge high mark ups in the name of extended services and sale warranties at inflated prices.

Some auto dealers are also involved with these companies, so be-aware and do not rely on their fake information. If you want to avail the Extended Vehicle Warranty, you must acquire it from car manufacturers. The car manufacturers offer wide variety of repair and services on different parts of the cars. The list of these parts is described below:
1. Component
2. Suspension arms
3. Ball joint
4. Steering rack
5. Turbo
6. Water pump
7. Wheel bearings
8. Fuel pump
9. Flywheel
10. Injector
11. Automatic Gearbox

Repair and replacement of these parts of car can cause you much amount. So it is better to pay some amount on extended warranties and save the handsome amount of money. Usually extended car warranties offered by car manufacturers are expensive than the individual companies. That is why some people want to opt for the individual companies. You must evaluate the warranties provider rationally before selecting them. Do market surveys and enquire about their performance. Car manufacturers provide highly authorized dealers to make the wear and tear of the car and provide high quality services.

Remember that you are the customer and you have complete right to select the best for you. Do not give your right to any other person or dealer. Make your decision yourself and rationally choose the company for extended Auto Warranty. You can also save yourself from paying the high amount if you purchase the used car on warranties. It will be a better option and the actual car owner will pay for the extended warranties. It will also save your depreciation cost. Just make sure that the selected car is of extremely high quality.

The bottom line from the Car Warranty Review is that you have to be rational if you want to avail benefits related to the extended warranties. You must make smart decisions and must save as much money as you can. But do not compromise on the quality of services offered by the warranty providers. As the parts are extremely expensive, you must avail the warranty from the appropriate and trustworthy company

What a Car Extended Warranty Includes

When the time comes to get a new car, many people find themselves deciding whether or not they need a car extended warranty. They may think that it is a waste of money and decline to purchase it, but they should think again. Once someone understands exactly what is included in the warranty, it is easy to see why they should not own a car without one.

Some drivers are apprehensive about getting any kind of extra warranty because they are not exactly clear on the details. A warranty will cover the cost of any repairs that are needed within the time frame of coverage, which is typically until the car as reached one hundred thousand miles. It is important for drivers to get answers to all questions that come up about the warranty, especially if they are having trouble understanding the technical terminology that their contract may include.

It is absolutely necessary for those who purchase extended warranties to be very clear on what is covered under the terms of the agreement. If, for example, when breakdown coverage is purchased, there are many problems that will not be covered under the warranty. That is why many drivers purchase wear and tear warranties, to take care of the car problems that simply come with age. It is important to consider all possible circumstances instead of simply purchasing the least costly warranty.

It is also important for new car owners to think ahead and realize that an extended warranty will help them out when they are eventually ready to sell their car. When someone purchases a pre-owned car, they want to know that it was maintained up to standards. The warranty assures them that all normal car care was taken care of because the cost was never an issue.

Some people think it is okay until coverage from the manufacturer’s warranty is over before they get an extended warranty. The error in this line of thinking is that the rate of a warranty goes steadily up the longer the car is driven. Since the period of coverage is typically only up to one hundred thousand miles, there are no benefits to waiting before purchasing the extended warranty.

Many people avoid the car extended warranty because they do not fully understand the terms of the agreement. If they were to purchase the warranty, they would not have to worry about unexpected repair costs for their vehicle. This is not a purchase that any new owner should skip when making such a big investment.

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