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Why Every Driver Should Have An Extended Car Warranty

When a salesperson mentions something like an extended car warranty, many consumers automatically assume that it is a scam and not something they actually need. When it comes to extended car warranties, however, this is one product that nobody should hit the road without. There is truly no excuse for not having one when a driver takes into consideration the many benefits of this type of protection plan.

The primary reason that most people get an extended car warranty is the high cost of repairs if something goes wrong with the car. If, for example, the transmission malfunctions, a person without a protection plan could be looking at over two thousand dollars in repairs. Since most people do not usually have this kind of cash lying around, it is best to make a low monthly payment that covers almost any potential problem.

With this type of protection comes peace of mind, and it is impossible to put a price tag on that. When someone does not have an extended car warranty, it is nearly impossible for them to achieve financial stability. They must always be worrying about stashing money away or thinking about where they would borrow it from if they ever faced an automotive emergency. A vehicle warranty allows drivers to rest easy knowing that they will be in good hands when something goes wrong.

In addition to repairs, car warranty companies offer many services that make life on the road just a bit more convenient for their customers. Many packages offer things such as roadside assistance, towing and travel interruption reimbursement. Not only are the repairs paid for, but everything is put in place for the driver to get back on the road and on with their life as quickly and efficiently as possible.

The good news is that an extended car warranty is not even difficult to find and getting an auto warranty quote takes only a few moments. Most companies offer a simple online form for application or can complete the process over the phone in just a few minutes. Not having the time to look into it is not an excuse to be driving without one of these important plans.

An extended car warranty may seem like something extra, but they are actually something that every driver needs. They can save thousands of dollars in car repairs, not to mention the priceless peace of mind that comes with protection. It only takes a few minutes to apply for one, so do not waste another minute driving around without one.

How to Purchase an Extended Auto Warranty

Purchasing an extended auto warranty for a vehicle is a great way to protect one of the largest investments a person will ever make in their lifetime. Extended auto warranties will do exactly what the term suggests, by extending the coverage of a vehicle past that of the manufacturer’s warranty. There are many different aspects of vehicle warranties to consider, but following some simple tips and instructions will make the process smooth and free of stress.

The first item a potential buyer of an extended auto warranty must understand is that this process is very similar to that of buying insurance. The cheapest choice, will obviously not always be the best choice to make, so though it obviously is wise to shop around, never let cost alone be the determining factor in the decision. Shopping around at dealers, and on the Internet, while comparing both price and feature, is a must.

Obviously understanding what is covered is crucial when buying an extended auto warranty. Often times, extended auto warranties will use terminology which the average consumer will not be able to understand. For example, most vehicle services contracts will cover the drivetrain, but not many people even know where that is located, or how it even functions. Be sure the seller clearly explains what is covered by the different vehicle warranties available.

Next, just as important as knowing what is covered, is to know what is not covered under the extended auto warranty. These vehicle warranties will definitely not cover anything that is not listed in the covered items section, and since many of these policies will not specifically outline what is not covered, be sure to inquire in advance. Also remember that car parts are comprised of many parts working together, like a transmission, and though a policy may cover transmission failure in general, it may not be covered if the failure is caused by a stripped gear.

Finally, it is very important to understand the differences between a mechanical failure, which is covered, and a usage failure, which will not be covered. Extended auto warranties are meant to really only repair parts that fail prematurely. Since all parts on a vehicle will eventually wear out, knowing how the extended auto warranty defines the term “mechanical failure” will be of the utmost importance.

Since an extended auto warranty will be offered at the time of purchase, this would be a great time to negotiate the price as the dealership will do just about anything to close the deal.  Overall, these policies will protect an owner in case of a major mechanical failure, and give peace of mind. An owner will no longer have to drive an unsafe car with serious problems due to the fact that they cannot afford the repairs.

Understanding an Extended Car Service Contract

When buying a new used car most folks also look at an extended car warranty or Vehicle Service Contract that offers complete protection against unexpected repairs and mechanical breakdowns. However, the manufacturer's service contract may cover you for a limited amount of time but then ifor additional or extended coverage one must purchase an extended warranty When should an owner go for an extended auto warranty. Also is warranty available on a used car? The answer is most times yes.

These are some of the other questions that an owner needs to answer before buying an extended car service contract. The important ones will be answered by the dealer/ extended car/ used car warranty provider but the above mentioned questions are what the owner has to think out and answer after much research, evaluation and analysis.

Is an Extended Car Warranty Worth?
Let's help you get the first one about the relevance of extended car service contracts for out of the way. The manufacturer's extended auto warranty will last for either 3 years or 36000 miles. And you may also not even use it through and through in those three years so what good can an extended car used warranty or service contract do to you. Well come to think of it can. Imagine a situation where you have had the car for more than 4 years and suddenly there is an urgent repair work required but you don't have the cash neither the flow to cover it. Only an extended car used warranty or extended auto warranty can be of some assistance.

And extended car warranty is a mus for used cars or pre-owned cars but even if you have purchased a new car, make sure that it is well covered even after years of purchase.

When should you Buy an Extended Car Warranty?

Once we have it understood that extended car service contracts are of great importance and not a fraud to dupe money out of car owners, we come to the next most important question – when should you buy it? Should the car owner buy the car used warranty at the time of purchasing the vehicle? Most dealers will try to sell the extended auto warranty along with the car but the owner should always research and then make a decision. There's never a hurry to buy the extended car service contract and a buyer has about a year to decided which extended car warranty to buy and from whom. Dealers may try to pressurize the buyer into buying the car service contract along with the manufacturer's car warranty however, think about it and only then say yes to whatever you're being offered.

Used/ Pre-Owned Car Warranties

Extended car warranties were primarily made to cover used and pre-owned cars who have timed out of their manufacturer's car warranty. Hence extended car service contracts are indispensable for used or pre-owned cars. Usually the car you're buying may already be covered under the dealerships warranty or a transferred extended auto warranty. Most time it will have a Powertrain Warranty. All you have to do then is to get the warranty transferred in your name.

Similarly, extended auto warranty is available for new cars as well and can be availed after the manufacturer's warranty expires. It's always better to be covered than to remain about cost of repairs.

How To Search For Auto Warranty Companies

Choosing between all of the auto warranties available can be a challenge for someone who wants the best package for their money. It is not a decision that should be taken lightly and it is important to research several car warranty companies before making a final decision. There are many avenues a consumer can go down in order to get the information they need for a responsible decision.

Some people think that the best way to get a car extended warranty is to go with the first one they are offered by the dealer who sells them the car. This is unwise because it is a safe bet that they will get a better auto warranty quote almost anywhere else. Most dealerships mark up the rates for  a package to about a thousand dollars above the rate given by many auto warranty companies, so be sure to do the work and not to just settle with the first thing that comes along.

To get the search for auto warranty companies started, it can be helpful to talk to friends and family about the companies they are affiliated with. Since they cannot benefit from telling lies or half-truths, they might be the best bet for getting an honest assessment. If someone is uncomfortable asking their friends how much they pay for coverage, they can at least get some information from them about the level of customer service satisfaction.

If friends and family are unable to make helpful suggestions, try discussing auto warranty companies with a trusted mechanic. They will most likely have dealt with some of these companies themselves and, if not, they have certainly heard about them from customers. Chances are good that someone who has provided great service in the past would be able to recommend someone else who would give great service in the future.

Once the choices are narrowed down, check out their status with the Better Business Bureau. This will provide valuable information about any complaints that may have been filed against them by customers in the past. If a company is not registered with the Better Business Bureau, it may be a sign that it is time to look for other options.

Searching for auto warranty companies can be complicated because there are so many choices available. However, consumers do not have to make a blind decision without all of the imperative information. There are many ways to gather data about a company before making a decision to ensure the best possible service.

How To Choose The Best Auto Warranty Company

A smart consumer knows that buying an extended car warranty directly from the dealership can end up being a huge waste of money. However, it is also important to remember that not every auto warranty company offers the same rates and benefits. To make a smart choice when purchasing a vehicle protection plan, keep these important pointers in mind. Before making a commitment to any auto warranty company, make sure that they have a reputation for being reliable. Check with the Better Business Bureau or scour the Internet for customer reviews about the auto warranty companies that are being considered. When all else fails, it is always helpful to talk to friends, family and co-workers to see which companies they have used in the past and what their experience was like. No matter what type of business is being conducted, nothing should ever be signed without reading the fine print and this includes a contract from an auto warranty company. Make sure that everything is clear and do not be afraid to ask questions if the wording seems a bit vague. One of the most important things to check for in the fine print is any mention of wear and tear, since this type of maintenance is not covered by some extended car warranties. There are some other key features that customers should keep an eye out for when going over contracts. The best auto warranty company will offer things such as roadside assistance and rental car benefits in the event of an emergency. It is also important to find out if a company offers a car warranty duration that is appropriate for how long the customer expects to have the car. All of the extra features are important but, of course, money is always the bottom line. Be sure to get very clear information about all of the financial obligations that go along with the contract. Find out about financing options as well as deductibles and do not be afraid to ask questions or ask for special arrangements to be made that are more suited for a particular situation. Choosing the right Extended Auto Warranty company is a huge decision, both financially and as far as the convenience of any possible car problems. Going with the first company that comes up in an online search or just going with the dealership can be a huge mistake. Do a bit of research before making a commitment in order to get the best coverage for the best price.

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