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Extended Ford Warranties – To Buy or Not to Buy

Most cars come with a manufacturer's warranty and one that is competitive and very impressive, so then going for an extended Ford service contract may seem a little wasteful at the time. But is it really wasteful to have your Ford car repairs, expenses and other expenditures covered under extended auto warranty, after the initial Ford service contract expires or the Ford warranties are timed out. Well totally yes!

A Ford is something that you wouldn't want to sell once you've purchased it. May be after a certain duration of time but not before that. The engine is powerful, the body sleek as a razor and the list of extra features is just too good to say no to – A Ford has everything you ever wanted from your car. And to get the best from your Ford, don't let its protective blanket die out during the course of your ownership, protect it with extended Ford service contract. Immediately after you have purchased your car, you will have about 10-11 months in deciding whether or not the lucrative extended warranty tempts you.

More than tempting these will be absolutely essential to purchase especially if you want to keep the car running after the Ford's manufacturer car warranty expires. And if you are wondering how to get the best deal possible among different kinds of Ford Warranties available then read on:

  • An extended Ford service contract will be more or less similar to any other extended auto warranty contract except for some clauses and parts unique to the brand. Still make sure that you don't just buy Ford warranties off the hook but after thorough research.


  • Look for brand specific fringe benefits in the extended Ford service contract offered to you. There are always fringe benefits accompanying the extended auto warranty policies.
  • Check the reputation and customer service attitude of the company that provides extended Ford warranty. What other brands do they cover.


  • Review the type of Ford warranties made available by the provider.
  • Whether the deductibles suit your budget.


  • If there's a total maintenance plan in the extended Ford service contract, if yes then explore it more.
  • Go through each and every word of the Ford  warranty contract very carefully.
  • Also evaluate if the cost of extended Ford warranties will pay you later or not. That means if you're planning  to sell it off pretty soon.


  • Compare the extended Ford service contract with extended warranty plans for other international brands such as Toyota and General Motors.
  • Be very particular about paying the premium. Paying monthly is perhaps the most popular solution there is.


Ford warranties are not at all bad, in-fact these prove to be quite a support for car owners when they need it the most. So make a wise decision today and start searching for extended warranties to avoid regrets later.

How Much Will An Extended Auto Warranty Cost

Owning an automobile involves spending money long after the initial purchase is made. There are costs to maintain and repair the vehicle throughout the term of ownership. To minimize out of pocket repair expenses, car owners can purchase an extended auto warranty. There are different coverage levels and deductibles and each plan carriers a different cost.

 An extended auto warranty may include powertrain, comprehensive, or bumper-to-bumper coverage. Bumper-to-bumper auto warranties are the most inclusive, which means they are also the most expensive. The powertrain plan is the least expensive, perfect for owners of older vehicles with high mileage who do not want to spend much money and need only major repairs covered.

 Purchasing an extended auto warranty through a dealership is more expensive than buying it through a private agency. The dealer receives a large commission when it sells these contracts. A private agency works directly with insurance companies, enabling it to take advantage of economies of scale and eliminate the large commission component.

 The cost of an extended auto warranties depends on the age, mileage, make, and model of the vehicle, the level of coverage, and the deductible amount. For a used car, the cost can range from $65 to around $3,500. New car service contracts can cost $1,500 or more when sold through a dealer. Deductibles commonly range from zero to $100, with a zero dollar deductible plan being the most expensive. The extended warranty may be renewable or transferrable to another private party.

 Vehicle owners should consider an extended auto warranty if they want to reduce their potential out of pocket costs after the initial service period has ended. There are several plans and deductibles to choose from so the car owner should be able to find something within the budget. Getting thes

How does an Extended Vehicle Warranty Work?

An extended vehicle warranty is like insurance – maybe you will need it, and maybe you will not. When you buy a new car, there is a built-in manufacturer’s warranty that protects the buyer from costly repairs to the vehicle. What happens when it expires? Dealerships and third party companies sell extended warranty packages that are service agreements between the consumer and the warranty company. They agree to pay the repairs covered by the contract.

They can be expensive and the language is often confusing, so understand what you are paying for before you sign on the dotted line.

Most auto repairs are caused by general wear and tear of the vehicle. However, many extended warranties do not cover these types of damages. Some dealerships will oversimplify and tell a customer that “everything” is covered, giving them a false sense of security. Before buying a contract, review what is covered and what is not. Make sure the extended vehicle warranty package you select includes mechanical breakdown and wear and tear coverage.

Vehicle owners may be responsible for paying a deductable to the repair shop while the warranty company covers the rest of the cost of the parts and labor. Some vehicle warranties have a zero dollar deductable, some have a $100 per-visit contract, and others are $100 per-repair. When deciding which the best car warranty is for you, consider how old the vehicle is and how many repairs you expect. The initial cost of the package reflects the deductable option you choose.

Auto repair warranties that are sold by a dealership often require the vehicle to use the dealership for repairs. This can cause problems for the owner of the car for many different reasons. The poor state of the economy has caused many car dealerships to close. Also, there may be an instance when a person cannot get their car to the dealership for a repair. It is best to choose vehicle warranties that offer many different licensed repair facilities.

There are many things to consider when picking an extended vehicle warranty. As long as buyers carefully read the contract, they will be able to select the package that is best for them and their cars. In order to make the most of your investment, and to avoid you car becoming a cash pit, find an appropriate extended warranty.

Is There Anything That Voids Extended Auto Warranties

Extended auto warranties provide vehicle owners with added protection beyond the initial repair service contract. They can be purchased for either new or used automobiles and provide powertrain, comprehensive, or bumper-to-bumper coverage. The extended auto warranty provides peace of mind, but the consumer must adhere to certain guidelines to avoid voiding it.

 The vehicle owner must maintain the automobile to certain standards in order to keep the extended warranty intact. It is possible to void only a portion of the service agreement, such as repairs for a specific part, while retaining coverage on the rest of the vehicle. Things like neglect, use of improper or dirty fluids, or aftermarket parts or modifications can void specific parts of the contract.

 There is a large gray area when it comes to the aftermarket equipment issue. Just because a vehicle contains an aftermarket part or has been modified does not mean the entire contract is voided. The Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act of 1975 stipulates that the dealer must prove that the needed repairs were due to the installed aftermarket equipment.

 Entire extended automotive warranties can be voided when the vehicle is misused, such as for competition or racing purposes, off-roading, or overloading. Damage due to an environmental disaster also voids the service contract. An altered odometer or salvage title, even if the owner was unaware, invalidates the contract. To avoid these last two situations, the consumer should get a vehicle history report prior to purchasing a vehicle.

 Taking steps to prevent voiding all or part of extended auto warranties will ensure the vehicle owner gets the most benefit from the service contract. Ordering a vehicle history report, using the vehicle for only intended purposes, having regular service, and taking care when installing aftermarket equipment are recommended. This will keep the service contract intact and allow the vehicle owner to limit out of pocket expenses.

Is An Extended Car Warranty Worth The Extra Money

When people purchase new or used cars, they often forgo the extended car warranty offered by the dealer. They believe that they will never use the benefits provided, so why spend the extra money. This is both a good and bad decision, for several reasons that are worth exploring.

An extended car warranty offered by a dealership is often very expensive, ranging into several thousand dollars. Dealers build their commissions into these agreements, which can inflate the price of a warranty from several hundred dollars to over one thousand dollars. The dealers scare consumers into thinking that they must purchase this service contract immediately or face exposure in the future.

The truth is that the new or used vehicle owner does face exposure once the manufacturer service agreement expires. The falsehood is that the individual must purchase the extended service contract from the dealer. Private agencies offer extended car warranties at a fraction of the price and they are just as easy to obtain. Consumers should do an online search and complete a short form to get a price quote from the most reputable providers.

 The extended car warranty provides extensive coverage with low deductibles and budget-friendly monthly payments. Under some policies, the individual can have the vehicle serviced at any ASE certified repair facility. The auto owner will only need to pay the deductible because the vehicle warranty company and the repair shop coordinate the remaining payment.

 A vehicle owner who has an extended car warranty does not need to worry about huge bills for most repairs that may be required. He or she only needs to budget for the low monthly payment required to hold the service plan. The additional deductible usually ranges from zero to $100, a small price to pay for a major repair to an engine or transmission.

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