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Powertrain Warranties are Great For Drivers

Most automobile drivers are not aware that makers car warranty starts on the completion date of manufacture not the day the vehicle was sold. So make sure you find this out before the purchase. Be clear on how long the Powertrain is covered and what specific parts are included in the coverage. As with all contracts be sure to read the whole policy. Not doing your scheduled maintenance can void your warranty.

 Stay clear of any extended powertrain warranties that do not allow you to use any certified facility that you choose. If you can only use the policy at a handful of repair facilities it does you no good if your out of town or have you own mechanic that you always use. Also make certain the policy will pay the mechanic directly and not require the driver to pay out of pocket and get reimbursed.

Not many factory warranties cover the powertrain past 36k miles so its necessary to purchase one through an Extended Warranty and Vehicle Service Contract provider. There are numerous companies offering extended coverage which will include the powertrain on new and used vehicles. Powertrains are the most important components of any vehicle and also the most expensive to repair. It covers the transmission, engine ,drive axel and drive shaft. Along with the items listed you also need to be cognizant of any additional parts and components that are included or not, within the warranty.

Powertrain Warranties are something a high mileage or older model car owner must take into consideration. When the Powertrain has failure you either pay lots of money to have it fixed or send it to the junk yard. There is however a third option and that is preventative measure`s. Many companies sell Powertrain Warranties and many have different levels of powertrain coverage. The latest policy to land in the Extended Warranty arena is a Powertrain Enhanced Warranty. Along with the Powertrain it also covers most of the Air Conditioning systems and some electrical components. Regardless of the level of coverage a Powertrain Warranty is a great way to protect your budget.

Make sure you go over all of the requirements with your VSC agent that are mandatory items on all Vehicle Service Contracts like a waiting period. Not all policies have roadside assistance or towing. So if you don`t have other roadside like AAA you need to have this in your Warranty. Some Powertrain Warranties also cover a rental car and towing. You need to no how much they will cover and for how many days. If you shop around long enough you may find some extra feature`s like Auto Deductible and ICE.

One important factor that a car owner must do to qualify for coverage is all of the recommended maintenance. All of this is listed in your car`s owner manual. Most Powertrain Warranties outline that a driver must replace their timing belt at specific mileage as well as regularly changing oil and other fluids. Hurricane's floods and other natural disasters are not covered with a Powertrain Warranty or any other car warranty for that matter.

Before paying for your Car Service Contract do some obvious research like search engine search`s or visiting rip off report websites to see what other consumer`s experience`s have been with various companies. These website have actual life experience`s with different levels of coverage from different Auto Warranty Companies. There are quite a few Extended Warranty Companies but only a handful that have sysytems to search multiple Warranty Adminstrators at once for the best choice. The bottom line is protecting your investment is always a good idea and allows you to aviod expensive repair bills that could demolish your savings.


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