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What to Look for in a Profitable Extended Auto Warranty

There's a lot of talk going on about extended car warranties and by now you would already be familiar with the benefits and advantages of an extended auto warranty. So next is to start researching the best companies offering extended car warranties and purchase one according to your car, its mileage and engine. Before you start on your mission to safeguard your car go through the following pointers to note down what essentially you have to look for in the extended auto warranty being offered to you.

We can't buy just anything off the shelf and an extended warranty is more than a service contract it's an investment that will influence the future of your car. With extended car warranties your car can be fixed in no time without you drilling a hole in your pocket but how can you be absolutely sure that the car warranty you have purchased is nothing but the best and will be as close to the ideal as it can.

To measure the number of benefits or the degree of satisfaction in an extended auto warranty, every owner must be aware of which to choose and what to leave behind. As a buyer there will be many extended auto warranty offers made to you. Some even have been made when you bought your car from the dealer. But you don't have to be influenced by any. Simply buy the extended auto warranty that has the following:

  • Coverage Options – Don't go for an extended auto warranty policy with a single kind of coverage. Usually the extended car warranties are divided into three categories based on the level of coverages which means the areas of the covered. These are silver, gold and platinum which include bumper-to-bumper, power-terrain and comprehensive coverage. Car owners generally choose power terrain as it is a very feasible option and covers more parts and areas of the car.


  • Mode of paying out the premium – Whether the extended auto warranty policy you've chosen requires you to pay in advance or premium wise that can be settled to a monthly payment.
  • $0 Deductible – Check if the policy you have allows for $0 deductibles. Other companies also have $50 or $100 deductibles as well. It's always advisable to buy an extended auto warranty contract with $0 deductible.


  • Extended Car Warranties with Immediate Effect – Always purchase the extended auto warranty that becomes effective immediately. Usually all extended warranties will begin immediately after the purchase and bear no relation to the date of purchase of car. However sometimes, certain companies may have an altogether different policy with regards to the effectiveness of the extended car warranty.
  • Warranty that Pays Directly – Many extended auto warranty providers may 'promise' to pay the workshop after you have got the repairs done. However this is not how it is supposed to be. Companies providing extended car warranties should always pay the cost of repairs directly to workshop.


  • Road Assistance & Car Rentals – These additional benefits must be part of the extended auto warranty policy and not something you pay for extra. These are free of cost.
  • Transferable Extended Auto Warranty – Always go for extended car warranties that can be transferred.


If the extended car warranty that you are contemplating has all these things and more, then you can go ahead and make the purchase. But if it does not, then you have to look for a better one.

Are Extended Car Warranty Contracts Modifiable?

A buyer is the happiest when the purchase is just the way he or she wanted it. The price is perfect and the product or the service bought is cut out to the buyer's expectation. So when it comes to extended car warranty can we expect the same perfection and value for our money. Even when buying extended used car warranty, you would want certain things to the way you want them to.

All this sounds too good to be true, doesn't it? No it doesn't as extended auto warranty contracts can be modified to a certain extent within a specified scope outlined by the extended used car warranty provider. Now the modifications may not seem very drastic but a buyer can definitely have a couple of things added to his or her extended used car warranty policy so that he or she enjoys the maximum advantage out of it. Before you start jumping with delight at the thought of a customizable extended auto warranty contract, then stop as the modifications allowed are not many and may even seem (disappointingly) minor. But don't lose heart as when these extended auto warranty modifications are implemented, you will realize that you've actually gained a lot from these.

Let's see where you can nip and tuck to get the best designed extended used car warranty for yourself:

Every car being launched today comes loaded with extra features such as the GPRS, anti-lock brakes, hybrid fuel system, monitoring system, collision avoidance system and many more. And failure of any of these means a huge repair bill! And generally the car with all its features starts deteriorating after the manufacturer's warranty has expired, which means an extended used car warranty is all the more essential for used cars and also that these high-end systems need to be covered under the extended auto warranty contract. So if you have a car which is a gizmo rocket, have your extended car warranty contract modified to get coverage for all those systems.

Similarly, you can have the extended car or used car warranty also cover roadside assistance, car rental and even protection of tires, etc. Stay and stoppage during trips can also be included in the extended car warranty contract.

There is a likely chance that modifications in the extended auto warranty policy will make the cost go up. The provider will try to compensate for the changes by selling the extended car warranty at a higher price or a more inclusive cost. In this situation, read through each and every word of the sheet. It is always important to note the changes you have asked to be made and how have they adjusted in the price.

Having said that, also bear in mind that a good extended car warranty contract may not come your way so easily. Hence if you have to pay a little extra for a great coverage policy, don't hesitate and just buy it.

Extended Ford Warranties – To Buy or Not to Buy

Most cars come with a manufacturer's warranty and one that is competitive and very impressive, so then going for an extended Ford service contract may seem a little wasteful at the time. But is it really wasteful to have your Ford car repairs, expenses and other expenditures covered under extended auto warranty, after the initial Ford service contract expires or the Ford warranties are timed out. Well totally yes!

A Ford is something that you wouldn't want to sell once you've purchased it. May be after a certain duration of time but not before that. The engine is powerful, the body sleek as a razor and the list of extra features is just too good to say no to – A Ford has everything you ever wanted from your car. And to get the best from your Ford, don't let its protective blanket die out during the course of your ownership, protect it with extended Ford service contract. Immediately after you have purchased your car, you will have about 10-11 months in deciding whether or not the lucrative extended warranty tempts you.

More than tempting these will be absolutely essential to purchase especially if you want to keep the car running after the Ford's manufacturer car warranty expires. And if you are wondering how to get the best deal possible among different kinds of Ford Warranties available then read on:

  • An extended Ford service contract will be more or less similar to any other extended auto warranty contract except for some clauses and parts unique to the brand. Still make sure that you don't just buy Ford warranties off the hook but after thorough research.


  • Look for brand specific fringe benefits in the extended Ford service contract offered to you. There are always fringe benefits accompanying the extended auto warranty policies.
  • Check the reputation and customer service attitude of the company that provides extended Ford warranty. What other brands do they cover.


  • Review the type of Ford warranties made available by the provider.
  • Whether the deductibles suit your budget.


  • If there's a total maintenance plan in the extended Ford service contract, if yes then explore it more.
  • Go through each and every word of the Ford  warranty contract very carefully.
  • Also evaluate if the cost of extended Ford warranties will pay you later or not. That means if you're planning  to sell it off pretty soon.


  • Compare the extended Ford service contract with extended warranty plans for other international brands such as Toyota and General Motors.
  • Be very particular about paying the premium. Paying monthly is perhaps the most popular solution there is.


Ford warranties are not at all bad, in-fact these prove to be quite a support for car owners when they need it the most. So make a wise decision today and start searching for extended warranties to avoid regrets later.

What Affects the Price of An Automotive Warranty?

The price of an extended automotive warranty varies from car to car because it depends on the make, model, and year of the vehicle. Other contributing factors are the type of coverage and the cost of the deductable associated with the policy. Drivers who carefully read the contract and understand the conditions of the plan before purchasing one will save money initially and in the future.

Some cars are known for parts that easily break. Owners of these vehicles will have a tougher time finding a low priced automotive warranty because companies do not want to take on that liability. The same goes for older cars that are more likely to breakdown or encounter electrical or mechanics problems. Depending on the type of the car and the year it was made, extended automobile warranty prices reflect this.

There are a few different types of coverage offered by warranty packages. They range from the most comprehensive bumper-to-bumper coverage to basic powertrain, and everything in between. Obviously, the warranty with the greatest coverage is going to be the most expensive. However, not all cars qualify. Speak to a salesperson at a dealership or a reputable third party warranty company to find out which options are available to you and your car.

Auto Warranty Companies do not always pay the full amount of the cost of the repair. There is a small deductable that the owner of the car is responsible for paying that is outlined clearly in the terms of the agreement. There are two different types: cost per-visit and cost per-repair. Though the former option is has a higher premium, the latter one leaves the driver at risk of paying hundreds of dollars for the repair of multiple parts even if they are fixed during the same visit.

An extended automotive warranty is a great tool for car owners to protect themselves and their investment. Depending on a few variables, the price of the warranty package will vary. As long as you know the exact conditions of the contract, you will save money now and down the road when potentially costly repairs are needed and again when it is time to resell the car.

How Can An Automobile Warranty Save Me Money?

Repair costs on cars continue to rise. A simple fender bender can cost a person thousands of dollars without the right coverage. Extended warranty policies are designed to help drivers cover the cost of expensive repairs should a car need to be fixed. Choosing an automobile warranty that has the proper type of coverage and reasonable deductibles will save money by extending the life of the car and adding resale value to it.


The most obvious way an extended automobile warranty saves money is through the service agreement. It states that the warranty company will pay for expensive repairs instead of the owner of the car. There is usually a deductable for repairs, but when compared with the total cost of the parts and labor the savings are huge. Deductibles vary based on the car and different auto warranty companies, so knowing the type and how it is applied is important for maximizing savings.

Deductibles are priced out either per-visit or per-repair. If multiple problems are diagnosed during a single trip to the dealership or the repair shop then this difference is crucial. Drivers should seriously consider the possible out of pocket expenses of per-repair deductibles before purchasing this kind of auto warranty policy.

Cars are big investments that need to be regularly maintained in order to retain any resale value. Drivers should buy an extended warranty in an effort to keep their vehicle in top shape. In order to function smoothly and last many years, cares need to be cared for properly through regular trips to the dealership to fix any problems that may occur. When it comes time to sell the car, the extended warranty prevents the owner from taking a major loss.

There are many levels on which an extended warranty saves money. Choosing the right policy from the right company will ensure a good deal from the beginning. Regular maintenance and the presence of an Extended automobile warranty save drivers money when reselling the car.

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