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Aftermarket Car Warranty

If you own a new car chances are your car has a warranty. In fact, many used cars that are purchased from a dealership even come with a warranty nowadays. Simply put, a car warranty is a legally binding document that states if certain issues arise with your car then the dealership is required to fix these issues at no cost to you, the owner. A warranty can cover be valid for a variety of time frames and can cover a variety of different issues and if you own a car, a warranty can save you tons of money on expensive car repairs. If you want to learn about all the different types of car warranties, the following information will enable you to choose the right car warranty for you.

1. Manufacturer's Warranty. A manufacturer's warranty, also known as a basic warranty, is the type of warranty that is given by the manufacturer of the car you buy. These types of warranties cover the basic components of a car that tend to break down due to normal wear and tear and they are usually only valid for a year or two after you purchase a car. A Manufacturer's warranty does cover many possible car part issues, but it does not cover tires or battery replacement.

2. Dealership Warranty. Although many people often confuse a manufacturer's warranty with a dealership warranty, these two types of warranties are different in that the latter is provided by the dealership where you buy your car. A dealership warranty generally covers the same types of issues that a manufacturer's warranty covers, but you are usually limited in choice of repair shops and will typically have to get your car fixed at a specific dealership.

3. Extended Warranty. An aftermarket car warranty is the type of warranty that can be bought after the manufacturer's warranty has expired. Most manufacturers offer an extended warranty, but not all do so it's important to see if your car's manufacturer offers this type of warranty. In order to not have a lapse in warranty coverage, you should aim to purchase an extended warranty before your original warranty expires. Extended warranties do provide decent coverage for your car, but some do not include as much coverage as a manufacturer's warranty.

4. Rust and Corrosion Warranty. A rust and corrosion warranty will safeguard your car in the event that it begins to rust or corrode. Usually the rust issue has to be pretty bad for a rust and corrosion warranty to cover the damage, but it is something to think about having if you are concerned about your car rusting or corroding.

5. Emissions Warranty. Although many basic auto warranties cover costs that can accrue from repairs that come as a result of failing an emission test, not all do so if yours does not cover this issue, you may want to consider buying an emissions warranty.

6. Powertrain Warranty. A powertrain warranty covers car parts like the transmission, clutch and axle and drive shafts which can be very expensive issues to fix if something goes wrong. Although a powertrain warranty covers expensive issues like these, it does not cover a new engine if an engine problem occurs.

These are the 6 most common type of car warranties. Based on the type of car warranty you desire and the expense you are willing to spend to pay for these warranties will be contributing factors in the final decision on choosing the right warranty for your car. Always remember, though, that most car issues can be quite expensive to fix when you're paying out of pocket so sometimes it can be a wise decision to purchase a car warranty.

Where to Find Car Warranties

Car Warranties are like insurance plans. They are a preventative measure that take care of the inevitable “what ifs” that come along with vehicle ownership. An auto warranty comes standard with all new cars to cover the cost of maintenance or repairs that can otherwise cost a fortune. These plans only last about three years, so an extended warranty is available for added protection after the initial package is through. People who wish to take care of their investment as well as the safety of themselves and their passengers should consider buying one of these plans.

There are a few different places that car warranties are sold. Anyone who has shopped at a car dealership knows they offer deals on auto warranty packages. Once a customer has chosen a car and the paperwork is being filled out, the salesperson will explain the cost and the benefits of the plan. The car dealership is a good place to buy a warranty for the following reasons.

People who are shopping for a car want to get their new purchase on the road as quickly as possible. If a used car does not have the original manufacturer’s warranty, then it could be dangerous to drive. Purchasing car warranties at the dealerships is a convenient place to protect the investment as well as the people who ride inside the vehicle. In this case, the dealership acts as a one-stop-shop for everything needed to drive away safely and with confidence.

Another benefit to purchasing an auto warranty at the dealership is the individualized attention from the salesperson. People who buy a warranty after the fact often do so online. This may make it difficult to ask the necessary questions and have them answered fully and in a timely fashion. Buying car warranties in person is a more effective way to get the coverage that drivers should have.

The other option for buying a car warranty is to go online to find a company that offers these plans. This route may be more cost-effective because customers can shop around for the best deal by comparing prices. When getting a plan at the dealership, it is often a forced sale and the buyer has no way of knowing if they are actually getting a good deal or not.

No matter where a driver purchased their car warranties, they are sure to save money for the driver in the long run. It is important to take care of your vehicle to protect yourself and your passengers. The best way to do this is by adding a warranty to your investment for maximum protection and peace of mind.

Car Warranty Companies VS Dealerships: Who Has The Better Deal?

When someone is buying a new car, the dealership is sure to offer them a car extended warranty and make it seem as if they do not have another option. The truth is that there are many car warranty companies out there that offer similar packages. When the time comes to make a choice, consumers need to know if they should go with the first car warranty they are offered or shop around before making a choice.

Perhaps the only benefit to going with the dealership is that it is convenient. Customers can take the first option that comes along and do not have to bother shopping around to different car warranty companies on their own. However, that is where the positives end, since dealerships do not have much more to offer in this particular arena.

One of the major problems with dealerships when compared to car warranty companies is that they are far more expensive for essentially the same services. In many cases, a car dealership will charge as much as a thousand dollars more for a comparable package for an extended warranty company. The purpose of one of these packages is to save money in the long run, so it is counterproductive to spend more than is necessary on it.

One of the primary reasons that people choose car warranty companies is that they specialize in this type of protection plan. It is only part of what someone at a dealership does and they may not be completely knowledgeable about the product they are trying to sell. Going with a company that focuses completely on automobile protection plans is the best way to get excellent service and accurate information.

Another great reason to go with one of these companies instead of a dealership is the many options that will be available. These companies have a variety of packages available to their customers that can fit multiple needs and wallets. When making such an important decision, it is important to have a choice and find the solution that will best fit the individual’s lifestyle and budget.

People visit multiple places when they are shopping for a car, so they should visit multiple places when they are shopping for protection. Car warranty companies can offer a variety of plans at a fraction of what a dealership charges for the same product. Combined with better service, it is easy to see why so many people take this route when looking to cover their cars.

When It Comes To A Car Warranty, Consumers Have Choices

When shopping for a car warranty, many consumers think that their only choice is the one presented to them by the dealership. Not only is this not the case, but there are multiple extended car warranties available from the extended warranty company a person decides to go with. To get the best deal for the best price, be sure to explore all of the options before making a choice.

In most cases, the best car warranty is going to be one that offers bumper to bumper coverage. It is important to remember, however, that these extended car warranties cover almost anything that can go wrong with a car, but not absolutely everything. Be sure to ask questions about what is and is not included in the coverage to avoid a problem when the time comes to take advantage of these benefits.

If bumper to bumper coverage does not fit into the budget, then it may be beneficial to consider comprehensive coverage for a car warranty. This coverage will take care of major parts of the car such as the engine and the transmission. In most cases, it will also cover vital systems such as heating, cooling and electrical. Although it may not have all of the bells and whistles, customers know that they are taken care of when the worst happens.

Any car warranty is better than none at all so, if money is tight, consider purchasing a power train vehicle warranty. This will include all of the major elements of the car as well as the cooling system, which can feel major on a hot day. It may cover heating and some but not all of the electrical systems in the vehicle. This type of coverage can fit most budgets and will leave customers with some security, which is better than no protection plan at all.

Once someone decides what type of coverage they want, there are still some decisions that have to be made. Auto warranty companies offer several different packages within each coverage category, each with different features and price points. To be clear about what each package includes, call the company of interest and speak with a representative who can explain all of the details.

Choosing a car warranty is a big decision and it is important to explore all of the options. Consumers should think about how much coverage they need and how much they can afford to spend. Making a smart choice now will make things much easier when something does go wrong with the vehicle.


When someone starts shopping for extended car warranties, they must realize that they are not all created equal. It is important to do some planning before jumping into any big decisions and to make sure that everything will be completely beneficial for the driver. There are a few important things that every car owner needs to do before choosing a car warranty.

The first thing someone needs to think about when it comes to extended car warranties is how much coverage they actually need. Someone who has a long commute to work each day might want to look for a car extended warranty that includes features such as roadside assistance and coverage for wear and tear. Someone who only drives their car once or twice a week may not need quite as much protection.

The next thing that needs to be taken into consideration is how much someone can afford to spend each month on their vehicle warranty. Someone might want a plan with all of the bells and whistles but if it is not in the budget, then it is not a wise idea. Spend time weighing out the options to find a balance of the necessary coverage at a price that is reasonable for a particular budget.

Once a consumer has figured out what they need, they can start looking for extended car warranties that fit their specifications. It is important to shop around to different car warranty companies and explore the different options that they offer. If someone goes with the first offer they get from the dealer, they may end up overpaying for services by quite a bit.

When it looks like the company has been found that offers the best extended car warranties for the money, there is still work to be done. Before committing to anything, a smart consumer will look over the contract carefully and read all of the fine print. It is important to ask any question, regardless of how silly it may seem, to make sure everything is perfectly understood and that there will be no surprises down the road.

There are many options when it comes to extended car warranties and it is important not to make a hasty decision. Many things need to be taken into consideration, such as the amount of coverage needed and the budget available to pay for it. Taking these things into consideration will make the decision process much easier and the end result much better.

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