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Tips from US Direct Protect For Your Extended Auto Warranty

An automobile may well be one of the most important investments that you will ever make. It is the car that so often gets you to work in order to pay for the other investments you enjoy, like the house and the recreational toys and the timeshares. It is the thing that gets you to all of teh places you enjoy, and takes the people you enjoy along with you. The car is what helps to get the all of the work, and most of the play, done, so it needs to be taken care of as well as possible. Here then, for the wise auto enthusiast, are some tips for keeping your car on the road and you in the driver's seat.

For starters, heed that term keeping it on the road. Driving safely and defensively will go a long ways toward keeping an auto in tip-top condition. Aggressive drivers will certainly get into more mishaps and mistakes, and those types of situations can get quite costly. If they are minor ones, the car will suffer cosmetic damage. If they are major ones the damage may be mechanical as well. Of course, if they are severe enough you could lose your life, and then you will not be driving ever again.

Not to sound like an alarmist, but safe drivers stay alive a lot longer than unsafe ones. Perhaps the best bit of maintanence advice is to maintain your own life, as well as the life of the other drivers around you. Once you have decided on driving in a safe and sane fashion, then you can begin considering the more mundane maintenance tasks that every auto requires. The first and foremost is to keep all of the motor fluids at optimal levels. This includes oil, water, and transmission fluids. Speaking of oil, this item needs special attention.

Oil is the lifeblood of an automobile, so you not only need to keep the amount at the proper level, you need to get an oil change it as often as the warranty suggests. Speaking of the extended auto warranty, it would be wise to consider getting an extended warranty at that. But the oil needs to be fresh and clean in order for the car to run at its very best.

The tires must be tended to as well. They need to be replaced when the tread becomes worn or when any sort of damage is done to them. The tires are what the whole machine runs on, so get the best you can afford and keep them properly inflated at all times. Here, too, and extended warranty may be a good idea.

Not surprisingly, a simple maintenance tip is to keep the car clean. When you are driving a clean car you will have the tendency to drive safer, and to remember the regular check up tasks as well. Clean cars have proud owners, and proud owners tend to their vehicle’s needs. Well maintained cars have a longer life span, and this is another reason to opt for an auto warranty; your car is going to last a long time.

Keeping your car on the road really comes down to doing the simple and basic maintenance duties. Drive safely and keep your mind on the road. Keep the car clean and neat so that you will have the desire to maintain its care. Get an oil change every time it is recommended, and be sure to keep all of the operating fluids filled up to the recommended levels. These simple steps will serve you and your automobile honorably for many year of automotive enjoyment.

Keeping Your Car On The Road|Auto Warranty 411

Almost all automobile owners have experienced the roadside breakdown or failure. So the question is: from where you can get it fixed? Simple solution that comes in mind is to take it to the mechanic or an automobile dealer from where you have acquired the car on warranty. Car Warranty ensures that the biggest investment remains secure and it is a cost effective way to fix the unwanted problems. It also ensures the customer’s money is save by meeting the unexpected repairing expenses and guarantee that the car will perform at its full ability.

The warranty offered on a new car like Acura, BMW, Mercedes, Lincoln, Volvo, Saab, Jaguar and Lexus are of four years and 50,000 mile. Hyundai and Kia offer five year and 60,000 miles warranties. While DaimlerChrysler offer seven years and 70,000 miles warranty. But usually one can avail the benefits by the time Auto Warranty remain active, after the completion of warranty period what to do next? Extended car warranties can be the solution. But you must be viable enough to distinguish among the warranty providers. There are usually two types of extended Auto Warranty provider. One is the car’s manufacturer and other is the independent companies. You must keep in mind that the independent companies are always in search of the persons who have bought new car. They offer them with numerous extended warranties through phone calls and emails. They can get your name and contact information easily from the buyer’s lists that is maintained by the auto dealers. As the time of expiration comes near, they feel as their responsibility to educate you about offered extended warranties. They use different marketing tactics to sale you their warranties and meeting their targets. But fact is that they are just performing their telemarketing duty and not facilitating you with any repair and services. They charge high mark ups in the name of extended services and sale warranties at inflated prices.

Some auto dealers are also involved with these companies, so be-aware and do not rely on their fake information. If you want to avail the Extended Vehicle Warranty, you must acquire it from car manufacturers. The car manufacturers offer wide variety of repair and services on different parts of the cars. The list of these parts is described below:
1. Component
2. Suspension arms
3. Ball joint
4. Steering rack
5. Turbo
6. Water pump
7. Wheel bearings
8. Fuel pump
9. Flywheel
10. Injector
11. Automatic Gearbox

Repair and replacement of these parts of car can cause you much amount. So it is better to pay some amount on extended warranties and save the handsome amount of money. Usually extended car warranties offered by car manufacturers are expensive than the individual companies. That is why some people want to opt for the individual companies. You must evaluate the warranties provider rationally before selecting them. Do market surveys and enquire about their performance. Car manufacturers provide highly authorized dealers to make the wear and tear of the car and provide high quality services.

Remember that you are the customer and you have complete right to select the best for you. Do not give your right to any other person or dealer. Make your decision yourself and rationally choose the company for extended Auto Warranty. You can also save yourself from paying the high amount if you purchase the used car on warranties. It will be a better option and the actual car owner will pay for the extended warranties. It will also save your depreciation cost. Just make sure that the selected car is of extremely high quality.

The bottom line from the Car Warranty Review is that you have to be rational if you want to avail benefits related to the extended warranties. You must make smart decisions and must save as much money as you can. But do not compromise on the quality of services offered by the warranty providers. As the parts are extremely expensive, you must avail the warranty from the appropriate and trustworthy company

Why Choose Extended Auto Warranty Along with Manufacturer's Warranty

Talk about extended auto warranty and immediately there are car owners who raise the rants of manufacturer's warranty. And the most common and resounding question is why to get an extended car warranty when the car is already covered under manufacturer's warranty. It's an intelligent question no denying that. And many car owners especially those who have just driven out of the showroom in their brand new shining road machines have on their minds. Dealerships play a crucial role in influencing the minds of buyers with regards to extended auto warranty policies and contracts.

Dealerships that have associations with extended car warranty providers will obviously try to up-sell it and others will sing praises of the manufacturer's warranty. So as a buyer what should you go for – extended auto warranty or keep yourself content with the manufacturer's car warranty. The answer is both!

When you buy a new car it will come with the manufacturer's warranty and used cars have a very likely chance to not be covered under manufacturer's warranty any more. In the first case, you may pass the buck and get the extended auto warranty a bit later but in the latter case, delaying getting the extended car warranty would only mean trouble for you.

Manufacturer's Auto Warranty – Not Sufficient

The biggest disadvantage of manufacturer's car warranty that it is not going to last very long. The maximum it covers is 2-3 years and after that you're basically left on your own. Extended auto warranty then comes into play and you're able to avail great benefits provided in the car warranty contract. The earlier you buy extended warranty for your automobile the better it is because with time, the extended warranty quotes are going to be more expensive and prices will soar high while your machine depreciates. Hence it is better to get the extended auto warranty as soon as possible. The cost of repair for older vehicles sky-rockets with each passing year and if timely action is not taken then your car may get old enough to become the out-of-warranty vehicle. This also means extended auto warranty at an excruciatingly high value.

Also a manufacturer's warranty may not remain at the time of selling your car. Here too, extended auto warranty will prove beneficial as extended warranty increases the resale value of your car. Extended auto warranty is transferable and hence the buyer interested in your car will be more than happy to get a car already covered under extended car warranty.

Therefore, manufacturer's vehicle warranties are not sufficient to see and your car through the vagaries of time and depreciation. Relying on manufacturer's warranty means having the car perform best only for the initial duration whereas a car is an investment which should provide the owners the best time for a long time (if not lifelong). So invest in extended auto warranty policies and make it possible.

What Type of Extended Auto Warranty is the Best

Generally speaking, an extended auto warranty is a great investment and works as a blanket cover for car owners. With extended car warranty car owners do not need to pay for their car repairs, part replacement or any other service required by the car, this way every car owner must invest in extended auto warranty and reap its benefits for a long time to come while ensuring optimum performance of the car. Once you have decided to get extended car warranty, the confusion now would be which one to get!

Obviously the car you have and the duration you've had it with you will determine your choice of extended auto warranty that you should go for. However before you head into it basic know-how of the kinds of extended auto warranty policies existing is very necessary. So read on.

Companies providing extended warranties inevitably have the following kinds of extended car warranties. These extended warranties are classified according to the coverage offered in each.

Bumper-to-Bumper – The first of the kind and one that is most commonly availed. This type of extended auto warranty includes in its blanket coverage all mechanical systems of the car. As the name informs, this extended auto warranty policy means full protection from the back to the front bumper. Sounds good right? But there is an exclusion list that lists out the parts which are excluded from the coverage. So make sure you go through that and also determine what everything is covered. When buying an kind of extended auto warranty, it is extremely important that you go through each provision of the car warranty policy to avoid any discrepancies later.

Power-Train Extended Auto Warranty This kind is less inclusive then the one mentioned above and covers only engine, transmission and other parts of the drivetrain. Drivetrain is defined as the 29 parts of the vehicle through which oil flows. These are also some of the more vulnerable and sensitive parts of the vehicle and are likely to fail. Hence many people go for the power-train extended car warranty as well.

Named Component Warranty – This sort of extended auto warranty will cover important mechanical systems. A list of covered part is provided which basically result in mechanical breakdown and mechanical failure. If the extended warranty contract does not list a part, it will not b covered by the car warranty policy.

Along with these there are other hidden fringe benefits that come with extended warranty policies. These include roadside assistance, car rentals, travel and stay reimbursements may also be offered in the extended car warranty policies. Many of the extended warranty providers also offer financial aid if the car breaks down while traveling.

Owning extended auto warranty certainly sets your mind at rest. Just ensure that the choice of extended auto warranty you make is the best suited for your vehicle and you.

Extended Auto Warranty – Fringe Benefits Matter Too

When buying extended auto warranty policies most of the time, buyers neglect the fringe benefits that are extremely important too. Fringe benefits mean you not only save on repairs and mechanical upgrading of your car but also the extra expenses such as damage due to rust or corrosion, damage to certain parts of drive-train components, car rentals, towing and other roadside assistance costs. These when clubbed together can really burn a huge hole in your pocket and make you feel as if you have actually paid for the repairs while being covered by extended car warranty.

So if you haven't bought an extended auto warranty as yet, make sure you buy the one which provides roadside assistance, travel reimbursements and other peripheral charges that will follow when your car breaks down. The importance of fringe benefits is best realized when servicing and car repairs are required in cities out of your native location. Say you're cruising along and happily driving when suddenly there's a jolt and you have a $600 repair on your hand. Extended car warranties will cover the repairs but what about the cost involved in renting out accommodation while your car gets repaired. Didn't think about it right? Well you will have to when the situation comes or hope that such a situation never ruins your vacation. Either ways make sure you are covered with extended auto warranty.

Check for the following under fringe benefits when buying extended auto warranty:

  • Rust & Corrosion Coverage – Check if the extended auto warranty provider is also offering assistance in rust and corrosion coverage.
  • Drive-Train Parts – All those parts that are not covered in the basic extended auto warranty may be covered under these.
  • Roadside assistance including towing and others.
  • Car Rentals
  • Travel reimbursement


While the major expense that of the car repair is what everyone focuses on, these secondary expenditures hurt the pockets a lot. But if you know better, you will do much better in selecting the extended car warranty that provides not just protection for your car but for you as well. So that you're never left stranded in the middle of nowhere with a broken down car and hope.

Fringe Benefits of Extended Warranty -Much More Than Mechanical Coverage

Although fringe benefits are not the whole and sole of extended auto warranty policies yet these would play a major role in influencing your decision about which extended car warranty to choose from. Obviously an extended warranty provider offering much more than mechanical coverage (read fringe benefits) will be a lot more oriented toward the car owner. Fringe benefits apart from fully protecting your interests also lends considerably to the authenticity and integrity of the extended warranty provider. Thereby further making the choice of extended auto warranty easier and much wiser.

An extended auto warranty is supposed to offer complete protection during its time period and as a car owner, you should avail each and every benefit that you are paying for.

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