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What a Car Extended Warranty Includes

When the time comes to get a new car, many people find themselves deciding whether or not they need a car extended warranty. They may think that it is a waste of money and decline to purchase it, but they should think again. Once someone understands exactly what is included in the warranty, it is easy to see why they should not own a car without one.

Some drivers are apprehensive about getting any kind of extra warranty because they are not exactly clear on the details. A warranty will cover the cost of any repairs that are needed within the time frame of coverage, which is typically until the car as reached one hundred thousand miles. It is important for drivers to get answers to all questions that come up about the warranty, especially if they are having trouble understanding the technical terminology that their contract may include.

It is absolutely necessary for those who purchase extended warranties to be very clear on what is covered under the terms of the agreement. If, for example, when breakdown coverage is purchased, there are many problems that will not be covered under the warranty. That is why many drivers purchase wear and tear warranties, to take care of the car problems that simply come with age. It is important to consider all possible circumstances instead of simply purchasing the least costly warranty.

It is also important for new car owners to think ahead and realize that an extended warranty will help them out when they are eventually ready to sell their car. When someone purchases a pre-owned car, they want to know that it was maintained up to standards. The warranty assures them that all normal car care was taken care of because the cost was never an issue.

Some people think it is okay until coverage from the manufacturer’s warranty is over before they get an extended warranty. The error in this line of thinking is that the rate of a warranty goes steadily up the longer the car is driven. Since the period of coverage is typically only up to one hundred thousand miles, there are no benefits to waiting before purchasing the extended warranty.

Many people avoid the car extended warranty because they do not fully understand the terms of the agreement. If they were to purchase the warranty, they would not have to worry about unexpected repair costs for their vehicle. This is not a purchase that any new owner should skip when making such a big investment.


For the average person, the automobile is the second largest investment of a lifetime, and one that must be maintained over many years. It is also the asset which is most prone to accidents and total loss, and as such, is the most important asset for the average person to protect.

Perhaps one of the most overlooked, yet most economically sound ways to protect a vehicle is through an extended car warranty. The extended car warranty provides the most comprehensive and solid protection for a vehicle from day 1 of purchase, yet is still by far the most cost effective.

Extended car warranties can easily be modified to fit the unique needs of both owner and vehicle, with terms that are guaranteed not to change, unlike many insurance policies. And though insurance is required in some states, the presence of insurance does not necessarily negate the need for an extended car warranty, as there are many instances that an extended automobile warranty will cover that even the most expensive of insurance coverages will not.

The extended vehicle warranty is also the most cost effective way to extend the life of your car, which is especially important for those living paycheck to paycheck or for those who can not afford expensive, unforeseen repairs. The average consumer simply needs his or her car to work, day in and day out, and this is exactly what the extended automobile warranty was designed to do for the average consumer.

Aside from the physical protection provided by a warranty, the added peace of mind in knowing that you will not have to spend any money on any sudden repairs immediately after spending a large lump sum to purchase a new vehicle can hardly be overstated. As a consumer, to spend the amount of money necessary to purchase a new car certainly warrants the much smaller investment to protect that asset for the immediate long term.

Extended warranties have also been shown to actually extend the life of the vehicle, because many problems that shorten the life of a car start as small problems, which may be overlooked or not worth the small expenditure needed to fix them. Over time, these small problems add up into big problems, until one day the car is on the side of the road in desperate need of repair. Extended warranties stitch the problem up early without the need for the internal financial debate, thus leaving the owner much more free to make sure that the vehicle stays in perfect working order for as long as possible.

Services Extended Warranty Companies Should Offer

When money is tight, a car extended warranty does not always seem like a top priority but, in reality, no responsible driver should be on the road without one.  A less expensive plan is certainly an option, but there are some services that should not fall victim to a tight budget. Extended warranty companies should, at the very least, offer these important services.

If extended warranty companies make things difficult at the very beginning, it is a sign that doing business with them will always be a challenge. A good indicator is how simple it is to get an auto warranty quote from the company that someone is considering. The best companies will offer a simple online form or knowledgeable representatives who can get the information in just a few moments. If someone has to wait for hours or days to get a quote, imagine how long they will have to wait when they enter a claim.
Another good indicator of whether extended warranty companies will be a pleasure or a burden to do business with is whether or not they are accredited by the Better Business Bureau. Any reputable business should be accredited by the BBB because they will have nothing to hide. If a company is staying off the grid, it may be because they have had negative experiences and complaints from customers in the past.

It is important, especially for someone on a budget, to choose extended warranty companies that gives them a variety of choices. Customers should be able to choose between bumper to bumper, comprehensive and powertrain coverage. Within those categories, customers should have a variety of options that will fit their particular needs and budget.

In addition to the basic needs, extended auto warranty companies should offer extended car warranties with some extras that make life a bit more convenient for customers. For example, wear and tear coverage, roadside assistance and trip interruption reimbursement may not be necessary, but they are nice to have. If someone can afford these options, they should have the choice to add them to their warranties.

Although money is tight for many people, driving around without the protection of extended warranty companies can lead to even bigger financial burden. There are many affordable options, but they should still include the things that every driver needs. Instead of rolling the dice on the many problems a car could have, purchase a plan that can handle the most common situations without breaking the bank.

Extended Auto Warranty – Does the Car Matter?

Surprised at the quasi dumb question? Well, if you're one of those who thought that all you need for an extended auto warranty is a car then think again. Four wheels, a roof, and a boot won't get you coverage under any extended warranty policy. A car that remotely resembles an automobile or is a bad excuse for one will not get any extended warranty paying for its repairs. So if you're a reckless driver or a neglected car owner wake up today and get your cleaning and upgrading drive on because if you want to profit the maximum out of your extended warranty coverage plan, you got to have a car to envy!

Getting anyone (read extended auto warranty) to pay for your car repair and cover service expenses is not as easy as it seems. You have to have a car that is worth it and one that spends more time cruising on roads than in the workshops getting fixed. Also there are types of cars that are not covered under any extended car warranty policy and are known as ineligible.

Listed below are the car whose owners better stop seeking extended warranty for them and may just plan to but a new car with assured extended auto warranty.

Gray Market Cars – These cars not for sale in the US. Although they may be manufactured in the country but are not to be sold here. Not just extended car warranties, gray market cars are not even eligible for manufacturer's warranty.

Lemon Law or Buyback Vehicles – This lemon law won't feel tasty even in summers. According to this there are certain vehicles which have undergone repeated major repairs or have major faults in its machinery to an extent the even the price of the car is negotiable. Such cars are termed inappropriate to get covered under extended auto warranty. However there are provisions and people who may get cars out of this lemon-squeeze of a situation.

Salvage Title Cars – Cars that have been part of natural disasters or an extremely severe accident than it will definitely not be covered under extended auto warranty. Cars that are completely beyond repair fall under this category. No extended warranty coverage can be purchased for them.

Certified Cars – These have undergone an inspection and are not eligible for bumper-to-bumper extended auto warranty but only for powertrain car warranty.

So if you are least bothered about maintaining you car, then the extended warranty provider will be least bothered too offer coverage too. A car owner cannot control accidents or natural disasters but he or she can certainly keep the car spic and span, get it consistently and regularly serviced so that its efficiency, performance and operations are not compromised upon. This way you can even ensure getting the best extended auto warranty and benefit from it.

What Nullifies your Extended Auto Warranty

An Extended auto warranty is an extended auto service contract and like any other contract it is liable to be declared null and void in certain circumstances. Either of the parties can result in the extended car warranty contract being broken or be proven null and void. Whichever party; whether it is the car owner or the company providing extended warranty; does not hold up to its part of the agreement will definitely experience retaliation in the form of withdrawal of the extended auto warranty contract by the other.

An extended car warranty contract can be partially nullified as well. This means that your car warranty policy is valid to be paid out partially. Following are the different circumstances when your extended car warranty can be declared null and void.

Partial Nullification of Contract
Extended auto warranty claim partially denied – Imagine a situation where a particular part of your vehicle has been damaged and you either need component replacement or major fixtures are anticipated. However according to the inclusionary extended car warranty list, that particular part isn't covered. Thus the extended warranty will not pay for the damaged part and no repairs would be reimbursed as per the extended auto warranty policy. The remainder of the car as listed out in the extended auto warranty contract will remain covered.

Complete Nullification of the Extended Auto Warranty Contract
Here the whole extended auto warranty contract or policy is considered absolutely null and void if any of the following circumstance arises:

Salvage Title – If the car you possess has been given the Salvage Title then your car warranty will be completely void. Salvage title means your car has been declared a total loss by the state authorities. Generally salvage title is received when the car is involved in a severe and mos cruel accident that it's damaged from both inside and outside. Buying salvage title cars may not be a problem but getting extended auto warranty for them will definitely be one.

Misusing the Vehicle for Other Purposes – If the car has been part of anything that is beyond normal scope of the vehicle; your entire extended car warranty lapses. This includes everything from off-road, racing, competition, or overloading the vehicle etc. And thinking that you can easily remove the signs of your adventurous indulgence in your car then you're mistaken as when company's agents investigate and scrutinize the signs, they can detect even slightest of abuses on the car.

Natural Disaster – The extended auto warranty shall not hold its own in case the car is destroyed or partially damaged by natural disasters such as fire, earthquakes or floods.

Undetectable Mileage – Many a times car owners have the car mileage set to the limit which is incorrect or is tampered with in these cases, no extended auto warranty provider will pay for your repairs. Hence artificial odometer will result in no extended warranty.

Hence be very particular about the circumstances mentioned above. Extended auto warranty is a paid contract and its regulations have to followed.

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