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Extended Warranty and Vehicle Service Contract Plans

National Warranty Services Inc has Auto Warranty Plans for all makes and models with mileage below 200k. National Warranty Services Inc  has licensed software that allows them to download the rates from all the top Warranty Administrators. This along with the volume of contracts they write each month are why National Warranty Services Inc  can get you the same exact policy one of the other brokers may offer but at hundreds of dollars cheaper.

National Warranty Services Inc has a chain of command structure with checks and balances at every level. This is why National Warranty Services Inc has the fewest complaints in the Industry. National Warranty Services Inc trains every department to be very friendly and very professional. This is why most customers buy all there Extended Car Warranties and Vehicle Service Contracts off National Warranty Services Inc .

US Direct Protect is one of National Warranty Services Inc affiliates was invited on the Lifetime Channel`s The Balancing Act to explain to the Lifetime Channel`s audience the benefits of protecting your vehicle in today`s economy. US Direct Protect is a trusted ambassador and BBB Accredited Extended Car Warranty Company that is part of the National Warranty Services Inc Portfolio.

When you buy a policy from National Warranty Services Inc , you can rest assure that we will be their to protect you when your vehicle fails.

Our All-Star team of VSC agents get extensive training that teaches them how to locate and lock in on the best policy with the best rates, every time, for every customer.