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Bumper to Bumper Coverage

US Direct Protect is proud to offer a number of Bumper-to-Bumper warranties and coverage. The Bumper to Bumper plans are the most comprehensive coverage you can buy. These warranty policies only list the items that are not covered.

Each of the policies is different. However, the majority of warranties include (or include options) added benefits and coverages such as:

  • Towing,
  • 24/7 roadside assistance,
  • Car rental and travel interruption reimbursement,
  • Wear and tear,
  • Seals and gaskets, and
  • Hi-tech electronic equipment coverage.

Even through these policies are called "bumper-to-bumper", they do not necessarily cover every part on your vehicle from bumper to bumper. Make sure you read the policy to see exactly what is not covered. A bumper to bumper warranty is the most extensive coverage you can buy.


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