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Extended Auto Warranty – What's the Maximum Benefit You Can Get

Extended auto warranty is a beneficial investment and one that will definitely help you save a lot in the long run. However, still if one were to contemplate on the benefits of extended warranties, savings would only be a small (yet significant) part of the whole picture.

Extended car warranty means regulated protection for your car in which you don't have to pay (or pay much) for the repairs that your automobile demands as long as it's running on the road. Wear and tear, accidental damages, or issues with machinery are inevitable and something that you can't escape from. But you can surely escape from paying for them with having the extended auto warranty coverage! So stop delaying to get that bumper fixed or the paint done on the scratches because extended warranty will cover it (subject to your policy of course :)) and make your vehicle brand new!! Hence the primary benefit is getting the repairs done without shelling out the moolah (at one go).

Covering the cost of repairs and component replacement is obviously what extended car warranty basically provides but there are numerous other auxiliary advantages that make extended auto warranty even more important and hard to say no to. These peripheral benefits are what stretch and add on to the fundamental profits of an extended warranty. Among them, listed below are quite important and determine the maximum benefit that you can extract out of your extended car warranty plan:

  • Timely Repairs – When most the expenses will be covered who would want to wait to get things fixed! Having extended warranty means repairs are done on time and your vehicle is always raring to undertake tougher journeys.


  • Fringe Benefits - These include something that was not primarily emphasized upon. Companies offering extended auto warranty plans have certain policies covering other repair related issues such as road assistance, wear and tear, rental car charges, towing etc.

Benefits of extended auto warranty are many however these will only be applicable if good amount of judgment and intelligence is applied while purchasing or selecting the extended warranty. Therefore be very cautious while finalizing the extended auto warranty plan you're being offered and scrutinize to the very last clause on the policy. Your thorough evaluation before is what will prevent any frauds later. There are many cons out there who rip off car owners in the name of extended auto warranty.

Generally it will be the car dealers who would want to sell off car warranty when you buy a new or a used car. However to actually get the maximum benefit out of an extended auto warranty buy it from a third party after much research on the companies.

For an extended warranty to prove fruitful and profitable not just in the first few uses but for a long time as well, it is important the purchasing process is conducted with utmost precision and awareness.

Extended Auto Warranty Necessary for Lemon Laws Protection

The best auto warranty policies do not cover lemons. However certain profit can still be made by lemon owners under lemon laws. Lemons are vehicles with recurring mechanical problems which are not inevitable wear and tear. This repetitive problem occurring in a lemon (car) may not get fixed by repetitive repairs and the extended car warranty gets void and the vehicle in cruder terms is known as 'all hopes lost'. No extended auto warranty provider will come forward to cover its repairs and expenses, so as a car what should you do so that the lemon you're stuck with can still be used for some sweet lemonade if not a lemonade stand.

For a vehicle to be labeled a lemon, it has to be used for personal and household purposes and not business or commercial purposes and the impairment that it has is recurring. The extent of damage is large and does not get fixed even after what can be defined as 'reasonable number of attempts'. So is discard the only option available or the lemon has some juice left to be squeezed out for one last time? Well there is and it is called the Lemon Law. Under the Lemon Law your car can be bought back. However, the lemon or your car must be covered under an extended auto warranty. Your car will turn into a lemon only after certain amount of usage and hence will more likely to be covered under either the manufacturer's warranty or an extended auto warranty.

Under the lemon law or buyback law your car will be bought back by the manufacturer while you're being given a refund or a comparable replacement vehicle. This replacement vehicle is considered to be the exact or reasonable equivalent. If you're getting a refund then it will be the price, taxes and other dealership specific options. Hence Lemon Law also acts as a car warranty that will come in very handy when it's time to say goodbye to your vehicles.

What to do when Stuck with a Lemon?

Simple try and sell it back to the manufacturer or either get an extended auto warranty if it does not have and try to sell it off. Selling lemons is a tough task and you won't find buyers because who would want to invest in something that constantly needs repair. After you have determined that your vehicle is covered under the Lemon Law or the buyback then you're fairly poised to win as opposed to being forced to discard your vehicle.

Extended Warranty & Lemons
For a vehicle to be covered under the Lemon law, it has to have an extended warranty. In actuality, cars turn into lemons are a result of months or years of neglect or a manufacturing fault. This way the car isn't only a source of worry back but also has trouble sustaining the extended auto warranty.

Therefore, having an extended car warranty may help you get the Lemon Law benefit.

Don't let your vehicles turn into bitter tasting lemons buy extended auto warranty and make sure repairs are carried out from time to time. And as the saying goes, when life gives you lemons, make lemonade.

Do You Need an Extended Auto Warranty or Not?

An extended warranty is something that every car owner requires. Think otherwise? Well consider a situation where you have a huge expenditure coming up – say a wedding, a celebration or buying a new house and suddenly your car is in a crash! The loss is limited to the car but the cost required to overcome may very well result in a financial crunch which means spoiling your other far more important event! In such a scenario if you had an extended car warranty the stress would have only been about 10-20%. At times like these where you realize that extended warranty is not just a need but an indispensable need.

Extended auto warranty is kind of a right of the car owner, his or her deus ex machina in times of automobile stress and distress. Extended car warranty is something you can rely on when your manufacturer's warranty expires, your friends refuse to bail out and the family can't afford the expenses at all. So if you have a car but no automotive insurance or warranty coverage, then you definitely need an extended auto warranty.

How Important it is to get Extended Car Warranty?

Unless you don't mind paying for every small, big or regular car repair and expense every time, it is very important! The importance of extended auto warranty does not only lies in financial coverage but protection for your vehicle for times to come.

Extended warranty covers expenses related to damages and even regular wear and tear. An extended auto warranty comes with a variety of policies which offer various extents of coverage from basic to more inclusive. Under these different car warranty policies you can have different parts of your vehicle protected and in some cases can also have component replacement and other fringe benefits of the policy also included.

Extended Warranty for both Old & New Cars

An extended car warranty is workable for both old and new cars. Many car owners those who get a shining bright machine just out of a showroom always feel that extended warranty is for used cars or at the best second hand driven cars and not for them. Well that's never the case. Extended auto warranty is as reliable and profitable for used car owners as it is for previously owned ones. Every new car is not going to remain like that forever and sooner or later (may be after 5 years or so) is going to turn into an old one. Extended warranty just ensures that at the time of selling the automobile owner is able to maintain its newness with consistent repairs and regular maintenance. For used cars extended auto warranty is really a promising thing. Most of the time used cars are not that reliable and will require great amount of upgrading from time to time. And for all those times, the car owner can rely on extended auto warranty to pay for it.

Extended car warranty should ideally be bought by every car owner because sooner or later it will be become a need or a necessity.

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Extended Auto Warranty – Car Owner's Pride or a Provider's Money Making Machine?

Extended Auto Warranties are sometimes wrongly considered to be extended warranty providers' way of making money. Extended warranty is beneficial for the clients as wells as the providers. Independent car warranty providers do not have to earn from the dealerships and hence are far better than what your dealership suggests at the time of purchase.

Taking money and not delivering or charging extra for something is a punishable offense and invites more trouble than anything. Therefore, why would an extended warranty provider commit such a crime and lose face forever? Companies offering extended auto warranty in fact are careful and very committed when it comes to delivering their services.

The extended warranty sector especially related to automobiles has grown drastically and is expected to continue the same trend. Hence losing the chance to earn much more and live up to respect and reputation is too precious to lose for any warranty provider. Thus minting money is definitely not the sole purpose of extended auto warranty providers.

Extended Auto Warranty – For the Love of Cars!

It's the car owners who benefit more than a provider with extended car warranty. Car owners just have to pay monthly for their policy and enjoy peace of mind as far as their car repair expenses are concerned. The expenses are minimized and some extended auto warranty providers even offer roadside assistance and car rental charges. Hence it is a win-win situation for car owners.

Having said that, the possibility of fraudulent exercises can't be wholly denied in the extended warranty sector. There have been instances of the companies deceiving its clients by either extracting more money at the time of policy usage or not carrying out repairs as defined in the contract. These instances are however exceptions and overall extended car warranty providers are safe and reliable.

How to Land a Reliable Extended Car Warranty

The best way to protect yourself from false protecting claims is to go thoroughly research and investigate about the extended auto warranty that you are contemplating. Know how has the company fared from the time of its existence to the present. What's the reputation of the company like. Talk to other car owners who have been utilizing their services for sometime now. Read fully through the contract/ agreement after you've bought the service contract from an extended warranty provider.

And it's not only the initial investigation and inquiries that will help. It's important to keep watching the trends of the extended auto warranty provider's market trends and more. This way you can monitor any unfathomably move on the part of the company and withdraw from it as and when you feel uncomfortable.

Remember if an extended auto warranty provider goes is a cheat there will be sufficient signs to gauge it and if as a car owner you're naive or ignorant, it will hurt you later. So always buy that extended auto warranty which eventually becomes your pride and you're able to refer it.

Important Facts to Know About Extended Auto Warranty

Knowing about extended auto warranty requires a bit of research and is of great help when you're finalizing your extended auto warranty provider. There are nuances which you must understand and comprehend in order to get a better idea about what the extended auto warrant advisor is talking about. Also facts about extended auto warranty will come in handy when examining and evaluating your extended car warranty policy or contract.

So what's the magic code that unlocks the secrets of extended auto warranty? There's no magic code but loads of common sense, smart work and love for reading policy documents and literature on extended auto warranty to know the facts that will set the tone right for the right kind of extended auto warranty.

Now getting back to the important facts:

  • Extended auto warranty is different from manufacturer's warranty and is generally bought after manufacturer's car warranty expires.


  • Extended car warranty can be financed too. People who do not have enough money to buy extended car warranty they can easily the warranty on loan at 0% interest. The interest rate offered by the dealer is always high.
  • Extended auto warranties are transferable and at the time of selling your car, you can transfer the car warranty in the name of the new owner. However the extended auto warranty cannot be transferred to the dealership.


  • Extended warranty should be bought as early as possible. The more wait for your car to age the higher the price of repairs you will have to pay.
  • Car Extended Warranties are available for vehicles with higher mileage on their odometers. However these have to be in good working condition.


  • Fringe benefits such as roadside assistance, travel reimbursement, etc. is provided along with the extended auto warranty coverage.
  • Those seeking extended auto warranty must check the status and reputation of the extended auto warranty provider with the BBB or with the FTC (Federal Trade Commission).


  • The secret warranty offered by certain manufacturer's under the name of After Warranty Assistance is not provided to those who own an extended auto warranty.

There is certainly a risk involved when purchasing extended auto warranty for your cars. The recent recession has made us aware that no company is forever a treasure trove. In the wake of a widespread economic downturn anything can shatter like a pack of cards. Therefore, a national disaster may bring about the closure or bankruptcy of the manufacturer, extended warranty provider etc. in such a scenario you will have to rely on the reinsurance with which your car warranty provider secures your extended auto warranty amount. There may be a replacement extended auto warranty also offered.

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